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Our son Teak Joseph Head was born on October 28th, 2010. He has been a blessing in our lives even before he was born. We truly feel honored that the Lord chose both of us to be the parents of this special boy. Teak was born with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele and a minor hearing loss in both ears. Both un-related to each other. These are the curve balls of life. You never know when they are coming, you just keep your head up, step up and hit back with prayer, strength and love.
Welcome to our lives. Teak will one day change the world for the better just the way he has changed us.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jeremiah 30:17

Ever since we found out about our unborn son having Spina Bifida our doctors had us scheduled to have a sonogram every month to check on him and his growth. Making sure nothing else is going on with him.
So from month 4 to month 9 we had the privilege of seeing our unborn baby boy in his living quarters. We get to make sure that he is staying as healthy as he can be.
Waiting for those ultrasound days were stressful and exciting. Our hopeful thoughts were always focused on praying for the health of our child. Jeremiah 30:17 helped tremendously. I kept it in my car and would hold my hand on my pregnant belly and repeat these words while driving to and from work everyday: "I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, Declares the Lord." (Thanks to my Aunt Susan in N.C. for the great passages!)
Every month we would wait patiently while they viewed our son and stated that his brain is still fluid free, feet still look good, brain still forming great and good in size.
We just can't believe that our son is staying as healthy as he possibly could while he is growing in the womb. The power of prayer is amazing. Chad and I learn to truly look up for all our needs.
We were married 2.5 years before in the same church that we were baptized in together but it sometimes takes a life changing moment to help you focus. We continued to ask God for a miracle - heal our son, heal our son, only you can heal our son.
Month after month our son was staying strong, kicking, even showing off one time by touching his toes to his mouth. The ultrasound techs would comment on how he was a squirmer when they were trying to check him out. Our Spina Bifida son was showing off how he could move his feet, the feet that people were telling us he may or may not be able to use once he hits this earth.

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