our little blessing

Our son Teak Joseph Head was born on October 28th, 2010. He has been a blessing in our lives even before he was born. We truly feel honored that the Lord chose both of us to be the parents of this special boy. Teak was born with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele and a minor hearing loss in both ears. Both un-related to each other. These are the curve balls of life. You never know when they are coming, you just keep your head up, step up and hit back with prayer, strength and love.
Welcome to our lives. Teak will one day change the world for the better just the way he has changed us.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Traveling and Talking

Teak started pulling up and traveling along furniture not long after he started crawling! He has always loved to stand up so once he knew how to do this then he was all over the place. It is so neat to see how he is progressing along the lines of an average baby not that my little man is anything close to average.
He just impresses us everyday and we are so grateful for all that God has given us and blessed us with. Teak is so strong and very heavy tempered which I think is what has gotten him far in his development. He growls when he can't pull himself up but just keeps trying. He is starting to push a walking toy. We would get mad when he couldn't move it out from a corner or the wall then we showed him how to back up and push it another way...well, he got it immediately. He started to walk backwards and pull the push toy towards him then kept moving forward. He will walk by our large mirror in the bedroom and watch himself walking. It is so cute. You have to walk in front of him, backwards, or he will just stop if you are behind him.
He is amazing!

So now for the talking. As you know, he wears hearing aides. Or actually is supposed to wear hearing aides. He constantly takes them out. It has not gotten much better then when we started. He wears them about half the time...well, some days it is even less than that. Now, he pulls them out and throws them at me. Some days, he will wear them without touching them for hours! I have had to learn when and wear are the places that he can or can't wear them. For example, the park, not a good place because even though I am following him, watching him closely, I am afraid he will take them out and bury them in the gravel. Hopefully, one day soon, he will be able to wear them at the park no problem.
One a partial side note, he is already talking. His first word was BALL and then CAT then WHOA. He is talking a lot now, babbling to his toys and as he sits in his car seat. It is pretty amazing for a my little boy with a minor hearing loss. It doesn't seem to be stopping him from talking at all. We are just very aware that he needs to be able to hear things clearly so that his speech is developed correctly. His hearing teacher tells us how incredibly bright that he is and that he will most likely not be delayed but we want him to be ahead of others so he is never behind. Sounds good to me...I will continue to read to him everyday and work on his words.
Keep it up my smart boy!